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Tube fittings are vital components in systems that handle fluids and gases, providing secure connections between tubes or pipes without needing welding or soldering. These fittings ensure tight seals to prevent leaks and make it easy to assemble, disassemble, and reassemble tubing systems in various industries. They are used in plumbing, HVAC, automotive, and aerospace applications, offering versatility, reliability, and simple installation.

Compression fittings, flare fittings, push-to-connect fittings, and barb fittings are some types available, each serving specific purposes chosen according to application needs. Understanding these fittings’ features and uses is crucial for designing efficient and dependable fluid and gas handling systems.

Straight Union

Straight Union Manufacturers Suppliers and Exporters in Qatar

Union Elbow

Union Elbow Manufacturers Suppliers and Exporters in Qatar

Union Cross

Union Cross Manufacturers Suppliers and Exporters in Qatar

Union Tee

Union Tee Manufacturers Suppliers and Exporters in Qatar

Reducing Union

Reducing Union Manufacturers Suppliers and Exporters in Qatar

Reducing Tee

Reducing Tee Manufacturers Suppliers and Exporters in Qatar

Bulkhead Union

Bulkhead Union Manufacturers Suppliers and Exporters in Qatar

Bulkhead Union Elbow

Bulkhead Union Elbow Manufacturers Suppliers and Exporters in Qatar

Connector NPT

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Male Connector NPT

Male Connector NPT Manufacturers Suppliers and Exporters in Qatar

Male Elbow NPT

Male Elbow NPT Manufacturers Suppliers and Exporters in Qatar

Male Bulkhead Connector

Male Bulkhead Connector Manufacturers Suppliers and Exporters in Qatar

Male Branch Tee

Male Branch Tee Manufacturers Suppliers and Exporters in Qatar

Tube fittings are available in various materials like brass, stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic to meet different needs such as temperature, pressure, and compatibility with fluids or gases being transported. Selecting the correct type and material of tube fitting is crucial for ensuring the tubing system works properly and remains reliable.

Instrumentation Tube Fittings Manufacturer in Qatar

Mcneil Instruments, a leading manufacturer and supplier of instrumentation tube fittings, offers top solutions across various industries. Known for their leak-proof performance and extensive range, including Stainless Steel Instrumentation Tube Fitting, Carbon Instrumentation Tube Fitting, and Inconel / Incoloy Instrumentation Tube Fittings, our fittings meet diverse needs. Benefit from our expertise, competitive pricing, and timely deliveries by exploring Mcneil Instruments’ range today.

Our tube fittings connect inline runs, multi-port, and inline configurations, serving critical roles in systems. It’s crucial to choose fittings made by the top Tube Fittings Manufacturers across Qatar for optimal performance.

At Mcneil Instruments, we prioritize research and efficient production to deliver the best results. From Union Crosses to Reducing Unions, we’re among the leading Instrumentation Tube Fittings Suppliers in Qatar, offering high-quality products. Contact us for expert guidance and find your ideal fitting solution!

Here’s what our expert Flare Fittings Manufacturers offer in our range:

Reducing Tee:
Reducing tees connect branches to the main line in piping systems, made sturdy and dimensionally accurate by Mcneil Instruments, the foremost Tube Fittings Exporters in Qatar.

Male Bulkhead Connector:
Our Male Bulkhead Connectors feature a broad frequency range with durable stainless steel and brass contacts, ensuring reliability through rigorous testing.

Male Connector NPT:
NPT threads seal pressure calibration systems, crafted precisely by Mcneil’s expert Instrumentation Tube Fittings Manufacturers for effective sealing.

Union Elbow:
Union elbows redirect flow at a 90-degree angle, designed to meet client specifications for precise system operation.

Straight Union:
Our straight unions, made from top-quality alloys, ensure efficient machine operation by preventing corrosion and surface decay, ensuring durability.

Instrumentation Tube Fittings Manufacturers in Qatar

Mcneil Instruments is renowned as a leading manufacturer of tube fittings, specializing in instrumentation fittings. We prioritize quality and precision, offering a wide range of fittings for industrial use in sectors like oil and gas, chemical processing, and instrumentation systems. Our products are trusted globally for their reliability, durability, and adherence to international standards. By focusing on innovation and customer satisfaction, Mcneil Instruments continues to lead the industry, delivering high-quality tube fittings that meet diverse client needs.

Best Instrumentation Tube Fittings Suppliers

Mcneil Instruments is known as one of the leading suppliers of tube fittings in Qatar, specializing in instrumentation tube fittings. We are committed to quality and reliability, offering a wide range of fittings that meet the rigorous demands of various industries. Our products are meticulously manufactured in Qatar using high-quality materials and advanced techniques to ensure optimal performance and durability. Whether you need compression fittings, ferrule fittings, or other instrumentation tube fittings, Mcneil Instruments, as a top supplier in Qatar, is dedicated to delivering solutions that surpass expectations. Our reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction makes us a preferred choice among businesses seeking reliable tube fittings suppliers in Qatar.

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Mcneil Instruments focuses on meeting industry needs by specializing in manufacturing and supplying UNS S31254 fittings. Known for their global recognition, our UNS S31254 pipe fittings are trusted for their reliability and quality. We prioritize building strong partnerships with our clients, ensuring we deliver excellent products and services at Mcneil Instruments in Qatar.

Pipe Fittings Dimension Chart

Pipe Fittings Nominal SizePipe Fittings Outside
Diameter Y
Wall Thickness T
(Pipe Fittings  Schedule)
45 Deg. Pipe Fittings LR Centre to Face B45 Deg. Pipe Fittings LR
90 Deg. Pipe Fittings LR Centre to Face A90 Deg. Pipe Fittings LR Weight90 Deg. Pipe Fittings SR Centre to Face A90 Deg. Pipe Fittings SR Weight
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Mcneil Instruments’ tube fittings are versatile, serving various applications including high gas pressure, liquids, and vacuum systems. Designed with a double ferrule for enhanced performance, they withstand tough conditions like impulse, vibration, high-pressure gases, and vacuum.

Our tube fittings are available in a variety of materials such as stainless steel, Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel, brass, PTFE, and carbon steel, ensuring they meet your specific requirements seamlessly at Mcneil Instruments in Qatar.

Features of Tube Fittings

  1. High-Pressure Leakproof Connections without Welding: These fittings are designed to create leakproof joints without requiring welding, making installation simpler and more versatile. Basic tools like wrenches or spanners are sufficient for installation.
  2. Versatility Across Applications: These fittings are suitable for high-pressure gases, liquids, and vacuum applications, offering flexibility across different industrial environments.
  3. Double Ferrule Design: Featuring a double ferrule design, these fittings excel under tough conditions such as impulse, vibration, high-pressure gases, and vacuum. This design ensures a secure and reliable connection.
  4. Silver-Plated Nuts: The nuts of these fittings are silver-plated to prevent galling caused by friction during installation or operation. This enhances their durability and reliability, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  5. Wide Range of Tube Fittings: Mcneil Instruments offers a variety of tube fittings including stainless steel ferrule fittings, stainless steel double compression tube fittings, instrument tube fittings, instrument pipe fittings, Monel tube fittings, and Hastelloy tube fittings. This diverse range meets various needs and guarantees precision and quality in fluid and gas systems at Mcneil Instruments in Qatar.


Tube Fittings Technical Specifications

Size1/16 OD to 2 OD, Od to 50mm OD
Pressure Rating300/1000/3000 psi for Brass and 6000 psi for Stainless Steel
Thread TypesNPT/NPTF Threads, BSP Thread, JIS Tapered Pipe Thread-PT, SAE Thread, Metric Tapered/Parallel Thread.
MaterialsTitanium, Monel, Nickel, Stainless Steel, Inconel, Hastelloy, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, and Bronze
FormsSeamless, welded & Fabricated

At Mcneil Instruments, our team of experienced professionals has a strong background in producing and supplying tube fittings. Our commitment to providing high-quality products and services defines us. We focus on assisting clients in achieving their business objectives by offering reliable and durable instrumentation fittings customized to meet their specific requirements.

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Mcneil Instruments is a leading company based in Qatar, specializing in tube fittings and instrumentation pipe fittings. Known as one of the top manufacturers of tube fittings and suppliers of instrumentation tube fittings in the country, Mcneil Instruments provides high-quality products tailored to meet diverse industry needs. Our tube fittings are designed to ensure reliable and leak-proof connections in fluid and gas systems, making them ideal for industries like oil and gas, chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, and more. We prioritize excellence in product quality and customer service, making Mcneil Instruments a trusted partner for tube fitting solutions in Qatar and globally. Whether for instrumentation, hydraulic, or pneumatic systems, our tube fittings are engineered to perform reliably under tough conditions, ensuring efficient operation and enhanced safety across various industrial applications.

We offer customized solutions to meet specific client requirements and provide technical assistance to help clients choose the right tube fittings for their applications. At Mcneil Instruments, building lasting relationships with our clients is crucial. We are committed to delivering exceptional customer service and support throughout the entire process, from selecting products to delivery. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction has solidified our reputation as the premier supplier of tube fittings in Qatar.

Join Hands with The Professional Team of The Best Tube Fittings Manufacturers in Qatar

Tube fittings are crucial components in piping systems, ensuring secure and stable positioning of tubes and pipes. It’s vital to choose the right tube fittings from trusted manufacturers like McNeil Instruments.

We also produce various other tube fittings such as union crosses, male elbow NPT, reducing union, union tee, and more. Contact us today to procure top instruments and acquire durable, cost-effective, and high-quality tube fittings from industry experts!