Inconel Tube


One such material is inconel tubes, which has the ability to survive high temperatures when metals like steel and aluminium would generally succumb to creep because of thermally induced crystal voids in their microstructure. The Inconel Cold Rolled Coiled Tubing’s high temperature strength is produced by subjecting the alloy to a solid solution strengthening or precipitation hardening procedure.

A nickel-chromium alloy known Inconel Tube is used in a variety of welding processes. The most typical applications for Inconel Tube are in processes requiring great heat tolerance. Inconel can be difficult to weld because the welded seams have a propensity to fracture. There are various Inconel alloys that were created specifically to be used in TIG welding.

Leading Manufacturer of Inconel Tubes

Mcneil Instruments Inc. proudly stands as a reputable manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Inconel tubes, offering a high-performance solution for industries operating in extreme environments.

Inconel tubes are crafted from a specialized nickel-chromium-based alloy known as Inconel. This alloy exhibits exceptional resistance to high temperatures, corrosion, and oxidation, making it ideal for applications in aerospace, chemical processing, and power generation industries.

As a leading manufacturer, Mcneil Instruments Inc. ensures that its Inconel tubes are manufactured with precision and adherence to international quality standards. Their expertise and state-of-the-art facilities enable them to deliver tubes with superior strength, durability, and resistance to thermal and chemical degradation.

Trusted Supplier and Exporter of “Inconel Tubes”

The versatility of Inconel tubes makes them suitable for various demanding applications. They are commonly utilized in high-temperature furnaces, heat exchangers, turbine blades, and exhaust systems, where reliability and performance are critical.

Mcneil Instruments Inc. takes pride in its comprehensive range of Inconel tubes, catering to diverse industry needs. As a trusted supplier, they prioritize customer satisfaction, ensuring prompt delivery and excellent service.

In conclusion, Inconel tubes from Mcneil Instruments Inc. are a go-to choice for industries requiring robust and corrosion-resistant tubing solutions. With their exceptional performance in extreme environments, these tubes play a vital role in ensuring the reliability and efficiency of critical industrial processes. Whether you are in need of a reputable manufacturer or a reliable supplier of Inconel tubes, Mcneil Instruments Inc. is dedicated to delivering top-quality products that meet and exceed expectations.

Types Of Inconel Tube
TypesOut diameterSizesLength
Inconel Welded Tube (ERW Tube) (in Stock + Custom Sizes)6.35 mm OD To 152 mm ODAs per requirementCut to length
Inconel Seamless Tube (Custom Sizes)6.35 mm OD To 101.6 mm ODAs per requirementCut to length
NB Sizes (in stock).0035” ~ 8”1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, 1″, 1.25″, 1.5″, 2″, 2.5″, 3″, 4″, 5″, 6″Cut to length
Grades Of Inconel Tubes
AlloyUNS DesignationInconel Tube
Ni-Cr-Mo-FeN06002B619, B622, B626
Ni-Cr-Fe-Mo-CuN06007B619, B622, B626
Low C-Ni-Mo-CrN06022B619, B622, B626
Ni-Cr-FeN06025B163, B167
Ni-Cr-Fe-Mo-CuN06030B619, B622, B626
Ni-Cr-MoN06035B 619, B622,B6263
Ni-Cr-FeN06045B 163, B 167
Ni-Cr-Mo low CN06058B 619, B 622,B626
Low C-Ni-Cr-MoN06059B 619, B622, B626
Low C-Ni-Cr-Mo-CuN06200B619, B622, B626
Low C-Ni-Cr-Mo-TaN 06210B619, B622, B626
Ni-Cr-W-MoN06230B619, B622, B626
Low –C-Ni-Mo-CrN06455B619, B622, B626
Ni-Cr-FeN06600B 167, B 516,B517
Ni-Cr-Fe-AlN06603B 163, B167, B516, B517
Ni-Cr-Mo-CbN06625B444, B704, B705
Low C-Ni-Cr-MoN06686B163, B619, B622,B626
Ni-Cr-Mo-SiN06219B444, B704, B705
Ni-Cr-Fe-Mo-CuN06985B B619, B 622, B626

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