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Manufacturing Materials of Ball valves

Mcneil Instruments Inc is the manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of ball valves. Bronze, brass, titanium, ductile iron, cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, chromium, Teflon, PVC, and other polymers are among the materials that can be used to make ball valves. Every material has something unique to contribute. For example, stainless steel ball valves are certain to have a high tensile strength and be corrosion resistant. PVC ball valves, on the other hand, benefit from all of the advantages of this polymer, including light weight and resistance to chemicals, strong acids, and water.

Our manufactured ball valves are known for their longevity, leak free construction, easy installation, and minimal maintenance requirements. Our adherence to a rigorous testing regimen ensures that each product leaving our facilities upholds the highest standards of performance, durability, and lifespan. As a premier ball valves supplier in India, we contribute significantly to business expansion by offering an unparalleled range of products, competitive pricing, and swift delivery. With an expansive distribution network spanning the nation, we guarantee timely order fulfillment, facilitating seamless operations for your enterprise. Our commitment revolves around unparalleled quality, innovation, and exceptional customer support. as a leading Ball Valve Manufacturers, we are continuously enhancing our product line with advanced features aimed at enhancing efficiency and reducing operational costs showcases our dedication to customer satisfaction. Our team of skilled professionals prioritizes understanding your business’s unique requirements and tailoring solutions accordingly. Mcneil Instruments stands out as an industry leader in ball valve manufacturing, supplying, and exporting by earning trust through product excellence and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Every valve bears our hallmark of quality, craftsmanship, and superior engineering, establishing us as your trusted partner in achieving success.

Dmensional Table of Ball Valve

Size (NB)L±30OD±1.0T±1.0P.C.D±1.0No. Of HolesHoles dia.R/F Dia.H±5.0HI±5.0Torque-MinTorque-Max

Types of Ball Valves

A Series Ball Valve 1 - Mcneil Instruments inc.
Ball Valve Type A
Connection Size1/4″ – 2″
Pressure RatingUp to 2000 psi
Temp. Range-40°C up to 230°C
Ball valves made from high integrity one-piece bar stock have proven to be superior to cast-type goods. The internals of the premium ‘A’ Series low to medium pressure ball valve series are loaded through the threads.
B Series Ball valve 2 - Mcneil Instruments Inc.
Ball Valve Type B
Connection Size1/2″ – 2″
Pressure Rating1000 – 3000 psi
Temp. Range-40°C up to 150°C

The original three-piece screw-together bar stock series of valves is the “B” Series. a flexible design with a wide range of end connector combinations.

SB Series Ball Valve 3 - Mcneil Instruments Inc.
Ball Valve Type SB
Connection Size1/2″ – 1″
Pressure Rating1000 – 3000 psi
Temp. Range-20°C up to 110°C

The Panel Mount, or “SB” series, is an adaptation of the basic “B” series and, as such, maintains the normal “B” series’ flexibility of end connections with the benefit of panel mounting on a flat face. The valve is simple to mount to a control panel or actuator using its flat face.

S Series Ball Valve 4 - Mcneil Instruments Inc.
Ball Valve Type S
Connection Size1/4″ – 2 1/2″
Pressure Rating1000 – 3000 psi
Temp. Range-20°C up to 110°C

The “S” Series, which fastens together, enables interchangeability and versatility. After installation, it is simply maintained by taking out the center part to replace the seats and seals, extending the life of the valves. The ‘Bolt together’ architecture makes it easily convertable to actuator control.

B Series Ball valve 2 - Mcneil Instruments Inc.
Ball Valve Type PB
Connection Size1/4″ – 2″
Pressure RatingUp to 6000 psi
Temp. Range-40°C up to 150°C

The ‘PB’ Series is a high pressure 3 piece ball valve rated at 6000 psi, the ‘PB’ Series is a reliable, compact and flexible isolation ball valve and is the original 3-piece screw together bar stock range of valve. A flexible design with many possible combinations of end connectors available.

SN Series Ball Valve 6 - Mcneil Instruments Inc.
Ball Valve Type SN
Connection Size1/4″ – 1″
Pressure RatingUp to 6000 psi
Temp. Range-40°C up to 150°C

The single nut mounted ball valve is rated from vacuum up to 6000 psi dependent of seat selection. The single nut allows fast panel mounting. Max panel thickness is 11mm (dependent on valve size). A heavy duty yet compact design offering easy installation and maintainability.

3 Series Ball Valve 7 - Mcneil Instruments Inc.
Ball Valve Type 3
Connection Size1/4″ – 1″
Pressure Rating1000 – 6000 psi
Temp. Range-20°C up to 110°C

A convenient way to attach gauges with the ability to test and calibrate gauges and pressure switches is provided by the multiport gauge (ball valve).

Centurion Ball Valve 8 - Mcneil Instruments Inc.
Ball Valve Type Centurion™
Connection Size1/2″ – 1″
Pressure Rating6000 psi
Temp. Range-20°C up to +70°C

The Mcneil Instruments Inc. valve was initially created and developed as the main isolation valve for loading public utility vehicles that are powered by natural gas. a task where the most important considerations are valve safety and reliability.

UE Series Ball Valve 9Centurion Ball Valve 8 - Mcneil Instruments Inc.
Ball Valve Type UE
Connection Size1/4″ – 1″
Pressure Rating10,000 psi
Temp. Range-40°C up to 230°C

The tiny ‘UE’ Series combines ball valves from the ‘A’ and ‘B’ series. It is meant to be more compact and lightweight than the ‘UB’ Series. A panel cannot be mounted to the UE series.

UB Series Ball Valve 10UE Series Ball Valve 9Centurion Ball Valve 8 - Mcneil Instruments Inc.
Ball Valve Type UB
Connection Size1/4″ – 3/4″
Pressure Rating10,000 psi
Temp. Range-40°C up to 230°C

Mcneil instruments Inc. has created the “UB” Series of valves to meet these demanding specifications because they are aware of the continuously rising working pressures required by the industry. The UB series can be mounted on a panel.

3 Way SB Series Ball Valve 11 - Mcneil Instruments Inc.
Ball Valve Type 3-Way SB
Connection Size1/4″ – 1″
Pressure Rating1000 – 3000 psi
Temp. Range-20°C up to 110°C

When many high 2-way valves may have been employed, the 3-way L-Port diverter valves provide a safe technique to divert high pressure lines.

3 Way PSB Series Ball Valve 12 - Mcneil Instruments Inc.
Ball Valve Type 3-Way PSB
Connection Size1/4″ – 1″
Pressure Rating6000 psi
Temp. Range-40°C up to 150°C

The need of many high pressure 2-way valves is avoided by using the 3-way L-Port diverter valves, which are a safe approach to redirect high pressure lines.

Ball Valve Type 3T
Connection Size1/4″ – 1″
Pressure Rating6000 psi
Temp. Range-40°C up to 150°C

The ‘3T’ Series “T” ports high pressure diverting ball valve line from Mcneil Instruments Inc. provides a portable and secure solution to regulate, vent, or sample high pressure liquid or gas media. The “3T” is made of high integrity bar-stock material and can be used in hostile conditions.

Ball Valve Type 3-Way USB
Connection Size1/4″ – 1/2″
Pressure Rating10,000 psi
Temp. Range-40°C up to 150°C

The 3-way ‘USB’ L-Port Diverting ball valve series (bottom entry) with 180° and 90° action features low torque, floating seat design, 4-piece flexibility, and single nut panel attachment. The ‘USB’ family is a portable means to safely divert high pressure lines thanks to its Trunnion Mounted Ball construction.

Ball Valve Type X4
Connection Size1/4″ – 1″
Pressure Rating6000 psi
Temp. Range-40°C up to 150°C

A secure technique to redirect high pressure lines is with 4-way multi diverter valves. Several high pressure 2-way valves are replaced by this. Perfect for venting or dumping purposes.

2 Way Ball Valve | 3 Way Ball Valve | 4 Way Ball Valve

Mcneil Instrument, is known for its excellence in engineering and commitment to quality, emerges as a top player in the ball valve industry in India. we are a top Ball Valve Manufacturers and Ball Valve Suppliers in india, Mcneil Instrument offers a comprehensive range of ball valves manufactured to precision and designed to meet diverse industrial needs. With a focus on superior performance and reliability, our ball valves stand out as some of the best in the market. As trusted Ball Valve Exporters in India, Mcneil Instrument extends its reach globally, providing top-notch ball valves to clients worldwide. Whether you’re seeking reliable suppliers, manufacturers, or exporters of ball valves in India, Mcneil Instrument remains a preferred choice, ensuring top-quality products and exceptional service to meet your requirements effectively.

Two-way, three-way, and four-way ball valves in L, T, and LL port designs are available from Mcneil Instruments Inc. Ball valves are particularly unique in that they can control the flow of a line fluid in a L shape (90 degrees), an LL shape for media flow line diversion, and a T shape for additional line flow controls at 90 degrees. According to the applications of the valves, we use stainless steel 304 and 316 grade internals. Our valves are utilized in hazardous media and extremely corrosive applications.

Ball Valve Manufacturers in India.

As the best ball valve manufacturers in India, we use authentic, guaranteed raw materials and have material and hydraulic test certificates for manufacturing ball valves. Mcneill Instruments Inc. has an in-house cryogenic testing facility for ball valves, which is specifically designed to measure leaks in any type of ball valve (floating or trunnion mounted), at any temperature down to -196 degrees Celsius. BS 6364 / BS EN 1626 is the standard reference for cryogenic testing of ball valves. Cryogenic ball valves are tested under pressure using the valve’s specific class as a reference. In order to position the stem packing above the cryogenic fluid and create a column of warmer vapor that insulates the stem packing from any effects caused by low temperature, all of these cryogenic ball valves are manufactured with an extended stem and bonnet.

Best Ball valves Suppliers in India.

Our premium selection of Two Way, Three Way, and Four Way Ball Valves is specifically made for the steel, petrochemical, chemical, fire safety, and shipping industries, among other industries. The vast majority of our clientele adore our Ball Valve because they are very well-made. We supply all ball valves to more than 35 countries and have clients who regularly require Two Way Ball Valve, Three Way Ball valve, Four Way Ball Valve in various regions.

Best Ball valves Exporters in India.

Mcneil Instruments Inc. Export Ball Valves to Kazakhstan, Algiers, Johannesburg, Ghana, Uganda, Iraq, Subra al-Haymah, Australia, Yaounda, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopa, Kuwait, Luanda, Abu Dhabi, Peru, Sudan, Colombia, Nairobi, Turkey, Russia, Khartoum, Kano, UAE, Bahrain, Cape Town, Trinidad and Tobago, Dar es Salaam, Nigeria, Antananarivo, Tripoli, Addis Ababa, London, Douala, Lebanon, Tunisia, Ouagadougou, Mogadishu, Harare, Mbuji-Mayi, Qatar, Zaria, Soweto, Omdurman, Angola, Alexandria, Dubai, Yemen, Casablanca, Africa, Oman, Giza, UK, Houston, Accra, Algeria, Argentina, Cairo, Chine, Kolwezi, Hong Kong, Abidjan, Vietnam, Port Elizabeth, Maputo, Canada, Port Harcourt, Singapore, Egypt, Venezuela, Freetown, Ibadan, Iran, Malaysia, Mexico, Cameroon, New York, Indonesia.

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Mcneil Instrument’s floating ball valve stands out as a versatile solution acclaimed for its dependable performance and effective flow control. Featuring a ball design, this valve facilitates unrestricted ball movement, ensuring tight seals and decreased torque demands. Tailored for a multitude of industries including oil and gas, chemical, and water treatment, Mcneil Instrument’s floating ball valve delivers outstanding shut-off capabilities, minimal pressure loss, and simplified maintenance procedures. Boasting a wide array of material selections, sizes, and pressure ratings, it caters to diverse applications, offering dependable and economical valve solutions.

At Mcneil Instruments, we understand the distinct requirements of every industry, and we customize our offerings to ensure your operations stay streamlined, economical, and seamless. Our extensive range of products, featuring bronze, carbon steel, and stainless steel ball valves, caters to the specific needs of diverse sectors. Collaborate with us for your ball valve necessities and experience the optimal blend of excellence, performance, and affordability. What sets us apart from other ball valve manufacturers and suppliers in India is our unwavering commitment to exceeding customer anticipations. Contact us today to discover how Mcneil Instrument can fulfill your ball valve needs with excellence and reliability.

  • Chemicals industry
  • Fats and fertilizer industry
  • Ship building
  • Construction industry
  • SS 316 construction for corrossion resistance, full or reduced bore for excellent flow.3 piece design.peek/delrin seat for better performance.
  • Ball hard chrome plated for smooth operation.

Pressure rating 400 kg/cm2

  • For seat and seal leakage with a leakage rate of 0.1 std. Cm3.
  • Working pressure : 6000 psi (431 bar)
  • Performed with pure water at 1-1/2 times of the working pressure.
  • Other tests like helium, seismic are availbale upon request.

Monel :
Grade: Monel 400, Monel K500, Monel R-405
Nickel :
Grade: Nickel 200, Nickel 201
Inconel :
Grade: Inconel 600, Inconel 601, Inconel 625, Inconel 718
Incoloy :
Grade: Incoloy 800, Inconel 800H, 800HT
Hastalloy :
Grade: Hastalloy B2, Hastalloy B3, Hastalloy C22, Hastalloy C276, Hastalloy X
Titanium :
Grade: Gr1, Gr2, Gr3, Gr5, Gr7, Gr11
Stainless Steel :
Grade: ASME / ASTM SA / A403 SA / A 774 WP-S, WP-W, WP-WX, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 304/304L, 304H, 316H, 316/316L, 321, 330, 347, 309/S, 310/S, 317/L, 333, 410/S, DIN 1.4301, DIN1.4306, DIN 1.4401, DIN 1.4404
Carbon Steel :
Grade: ASTM A 234 WPB , WPBW, WPHY 42, WPHY 46, WPHY 52, WPH 60, WPHY 65 & WPHY 70
Duplex Steel:
Grade: ASTM / ASME A/SA 182 UNS F44, F45, F51, F53, F55, F60, F61
Alloy Steel:
Grade : ASTM SA 182 – E25, E26, E27, E28, E29B, E30B, E39B, E40B, E36B, E36C, E41B, AISI4130, AISI4140, AISI4340, 42CRMO4, 16MNCR5, 20MNCR5, 21CrMoV57, EN353, EN354, F11, F22, F91, F9, P11, P22, P91, P9, P5, P92, EN42J, EN8, EN19