Mcneil Instruments, a prominent supplier in Mumbai, offers a comprehensive range of cupro nickel valves including ASTM B369 UNS C96400 varieties, conforming to MIL-C-20159 standards in India. These valves, crafted from different copper nickel material grades, are renowned for their reliability and durability. The product lineup encompasses gate valves, globe valves, ball valves, and check valves, each tailored to specific service requirements. For instance, the copper nickel ball valve features a hollow ball design with strategically placed openings, facilitating easy operation by aligning with the pipeline. On the other hand, the copper nickel gate valve employs a threaded stem mechanism connected to a handwheel for precise control over flow.

the Copper Nickel 90/10 valve, comprising 90% copper and 10% nickel, stands out for its exceptional corrosion resistance, making it ideal for marine, shipbuilding, and saline water purification applications. Mcneil Instruments offers a diverse range of specifications such as ASTM B369 C96400 70/30 copper nickel valves, available in various sizes ranging from ½ inches to 24 inches, catering to different industrial needs. Particularly, the UNS C96200 90-10 Cu-Ni valves are widely favored for their robustness and resilience in seawater environments, boasting excellent strength and temperature resistance.

Copper Nickel valves specification

Please review the price list for Mcneil Instruments’ UNS C96200 90-10 Cu-Ni valves originating from Mumbai, as well as their Copper Nickel Forged Trunnion Ball valves and DIN 2.0882 Cu-Ni 70/30 Mono Flange Valves, produced by manufacturers in India.

European (DIN) Werkstoff number1.4410 and 1.4501
Manufacturer ofUNS C70600 and UNS C71500
Other designations90/10 and 70/30 Copper Nickel Valves
Size range1/2″-4″ , (DN15-DN100)
Nickel designationsA494 CZ100
StandardAPI 600/BS1414, ASME B 16.10, API 598/BS EN 12266-1, ASME B 16.25, ASME B 16.5, ASME B 16.34, GB9112, DIN2501, BS4504, ISO2084, ANSI125
Size Range 1/8” – 16”
Working Pressure150#, 300#, 600#, 800#, 1500#, 1.6 – 6.4Mpa
End ConnectionBSP/ BSPT, Screwed [NPT], Flanged End, Welded, Socket Weld, Screwed Parallel, and Screwed Taper
Cuni Valve Material GradeCopper Nickel 90/10 (C70600 ), Cupro Nickel 70/30 (C71500), UNS C70620, C7060X, C71520, C71640, C70400, C71000, C72200, C72900, C71300
MediaOil, Water, gas, Sewage, Food etc
Seal MaterialPTFE/ RPTFE
Temperature Range-29°C to +180°C
OperationManual, Pneumatic, Electric
Nominal DiameterDN40-DN300 handle lever
DN350-DN1200 gear box
Valve Pressure Rating (CWP)
  • 1000 PSI / 69 Bar
  • 400 PSI / 27.6 Bar
  • 600 PSI / 41.4 Bar
Valve Pressure Rating (SWP)
  • 150 PSI / 10.3 Bar
  • 200 PSI / 13.8 Bar
Valve Pressure Rating (WWP)300 PSI / 20.7 Bar
End Connections
  • Press-to-connect
  • Threaded
  • Solder
  • Flanged
Special Features & benefits if you buy from manufacturer
  • 100% Tested & leak free
  • Lowest price range
  • Multiple handle options
  • Press leak-detection feature
  • Press x press female end connections
  • Reinforced PTFE Seat Rings
  • Locking Lever
  • Locking handle or manual gear operator
  • Full port
  • Laser Welded
  • flanged end connections
  • Threaded end connections
Conforms to
  • MSS SP-110
  • MSS SP-145
  • NSF/ANSI-372
  • IAPMO/ANSI Z1157
  • ICC-ES PMG-1558
  • ASME A112.4.14
  • CSA B125.14
  • NACE MR0175
  • API-607 Fourth Edition Fire Safe
  • API-608 Anti-Static
Custom options available
  • Stainless Steel Ball Valve
  • Stainless Steel 316 Valves
  • Stainless Steel 304 Valves
  • SS 904L Ball Valves
  • Duplex Ball Valves
  • Super Duplex Valves
  • Inconel Valves
  • Inconel Ball Valves
  • Incoloy 800 Valves
  • Incoloy 825 Valves
  • Hastelloy C276 Ball Valves
  • Monel Valves
  • Monel Ball Valve
  • Brass Needle Valves
  • Brass Ball Valves
  • Titanium Ball Valves
  • 254 SMO Valves
  • Hydraulic Ball Valve
  • High Pressure Ball Valve
  • EN331 Ball Valve
  • 600 cwp Ball Valve
  • L Port Valve
  • 3 Way Ball Valve

Special offer on the following Copper nickel valves

Copper Nickel Forged Trunnion Ball valvesAPI 598 Cupronickel Cu-Ni Butterfly Valves
DIN 2.0882 Cu-Ni 70/30 Fugitive Emission ValvesCu-Ni UNS C70600 Pressure Seal Valves
DIN 2.0882 Cu-Ni 70/30 Mono Flange ValvesCopper Nickel 90/10 Double Block and Bleed Valves
Copper Nickel ValvesCopper Nickel Cu-Ni UNS N0490/10 Nuclear Valves
CuproNickel Cryogenic ValvesAPI 600 Cu-Ni Diaphragm Valve
ASME B 16.10 CuproNickel 70/30 Plug ValvesANSI/ASME B16.28 Copper Nickel 70/30 Solenoid Valves
ASME B 16.5 Cu-Ni 90/10 Oxygen Services ValvesCopper Nickel 70/30 Forged Valves
ASME B 16.34 Copper Nickel 90/10 Pinch ValvesASME B 16.25 Copper Nickel UNS C71640 Gate Valves
DIN 2.0872 Cu-Ni 90/10 Manifold ValvesCu-Ni 90/10 Non Return Valves

Types of Cupro nickel valves

Mcneil Instruments is a leading provider and distributor of Copper Nickel Check and butterfly valves in accordance with ASME B16.10, B16.11, B16.34, B16.5, and B31.1 standards. We specialize in exporting DIN 2.0872 Cu-Ni 90/10 Manifold and Plug Valves from India.



Copper Nickel Relief and safety Valves
Cupro nickel Diaphragm Valves
600 PSI opper nickel ball valve
Copper nickel gate valve
Pn16 600wog Copper Nickel 90/10 valve
MIL-C-20159 Swing Check Valves Pn16
Pn25 ASTM B369 C96400 70/30 copper nickel valve
Pn40 600wog UNS C96200 90-10 cu-ni valves
Pn64 800wog ASTM B369 UNS C96400
Pn20 Copper Alloy 70/30 Plug Valves
Pn25 600wog Cuni c71500 Globe Valves
Pn64 800wog ASTM B369 UNS C96400

Copper nickel ball valve Equivalent Grades

API 600/BS1414 Copper Nickel Valves

Cupro Nickel 70/30C715002.0882NiCr20CuMoZ2NCUD31-20AZ
Cupro Nickel 90/10C706002.0872

Buy directly from Copper Nickel Valves manufacturers in India, wide configuration and sizes available under our brand OS-LOK

½” Copper Nickel ball valve 1000 wogMIL-C-20159 Ball Valve, 150PSI,WOG
2″ NB 90/10 Copper Nickel Flush Bottom Ball ValveASTM B369 C96400 70/30 copper nickel 3 Way Ball Valve
Cupro Nickel Full Bore Three Piece Ball ValveG1/2″ UNS C96200 90-10 cu-ni manual ball valve
MIL-C-20159 1000 Psi Ball ValveASTM B369 UNS C96400 actuator type ball valve
ASTM B369 C96400 70/30 copper nickel Floating ball valveCC380H Copper Nickel ball valve rf flange
15mm 1 piece UNS C96200 90-10 cu-ni ball valveCopper Nickel ball valve jis 10k
ASTM B369 UNS C96400 1″ Ball Valve flange type90/10 Copper Nickel 25NB Ball valve
CC380H Copper Nickel ball valve flange endCupro Nickel Pneumatically operated Ball valve
1/4″ Copper Nickel Ball vlave panel mountedMIL-C-20159 Ball Valve for Compressed Air Connection
90/10 Copper Nickel Jacketed ball ValveFlanged High Performance ASTM B369 C96400 70/30 copper nickel Ball Valves
1/2″ NPT Cupro Nickel Ball ValveUNS C96200 90-10 cu-ni Flanged Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves
¼” NPT 3000# MIL-C-20159 Ball ValveThreaded or Welded ASTM B369 UNS C96400 Ball Valves
2½” 600# ASTM B369 C96400 70/30 copper nickel Manual Operated Ball valveClass 150/300 CC380H Copper Nickel Three Way Ball Valve with Pneumatic Actuator
3/8″ F BSP UNS C96200 90-10 cu-ni Heavy duty Ball valveCopper Nickel mss sp-110 ball valve
8’’ x 300# RF ASTM B369 UNS C96400 Ball valve1/2 inches CC380H Copper Nickel BSP Ball valve
90/10 Copper Nickel True union ball valve1″ Copper Nickel Ball Valve threading type No 10

Copper nickel gate valve Dimensions

Manufacturer of Cupro nickel globe and Needle valve accordance to MSS SP68, MSS SP67, API 608, API 6D, and MSS SP72 standard

(Classes 150, 300 & 600)

Class 150Class 300Class 600
Fl.B/WFl.B/WFl.B/WFl.B/WFl.B/WFl.     B/W

Classes 900 & 1500 Copper Nickel 90/10 valve pressure rating

Valve SizeClass 900Class 1500
ABCApprox. WeightABCApprox. Weight
50 (2”)368368570229128115
80 (3”)381381700305138126470470720305255245
100 (4”)457457800356216196546546850356315285
150 (6”)61061011005084263757057051200508643570
200 (8”)7377371500508723625832832160050812581120
250 (10”)838838180076211731040991991195076220081760
300 (12”)96596520007621792161011301130215076229632580
400 (16”)113020007622535

ASTM B369 C96400 70/30 copper nickel valve benefits

Mcneil Instruments, a leading manufacturer in India, specializes in producing Copper Nickel valves renowned for their toughness and high ductility. Our products boast excellent resistance to erosion and inherent resistance to biofouling, ensuring reliability in challenging environments. With outstanding corrosion resistance in seawater, Mcneil Instruments valves are trusted for marine applications. Moreover, our valves offer good welding and fabrication properties, ensuring ease of installation and maintenance for our valued customers.

UNS C96200 90-10 cu-ni valves Electrical resistivity

Electrical Resistivitymicrohm. cm19

ASTM B369 UNS C96400 valve Thermal Properties

Melting Range°C1100-1145
Specific HeatJ/kg °K377
Thermal ConductivityW/m°K40
Coeff. of Linear Expansion
Modulus of ElasticityGPa135
Modulus of RigidityGPa50

CC380H Copper-Nickel Valve Density


Density8.94 g/cm3

Copper Nickel C70600 valves chemical composition

Cupro Nickel 90/1088.6 min1.0 max0.05 max9-11 max1.8 max1 max

Copper Nickel C71500 valves chemical composition

Cupro Nickel 70/3065 min1.0 max0.05 max29-33 max0.4-1.0 max1 max

Copper Nickel Flanged Ball Valves Standards

Cupro nickel valves manufacturers IndiaAmerican StandardsBritish Standards
End flange dimensions and flange gasket facingASME B16.5BS 1560
Pressure-temperature ratings, Body: Resilient sealing partsASME B16.34BS 5351
Shell wall thicknessASME B16.34BS 5351
Pressure testAPI 598 or API 6DBS 6755 Part 1
Face-to-face dimensionsASME B16.10BS 2080
Fire testAPI 607 and API 6FABS 6755 Part 2

Design & type of Copper Nickel Valves

Type TBJacketed, Type TR
Type TDZDirect mouting to tank bottom
3-way 2-seat, T-port, Type TB3-way 4-seat, T-port, Type TB
Extended bonnet Type TDZJacketed, Type TB
Type TRPFA lined, Type TB
Pocketless, Type TBType TA
3-way 2-seat, L-port, Type TB3-way 4-seat, L-port, Type TB

Copper Nickel Flanged Floating Ball Valves Size range

inch½”¾1″1 ¼”1 ½”2″1 2/2″3″4″5″6″8″10″12″
ClassBoreBody Designmm1520253240506580100125150200250300
JIS 10KFSplit
JIS 20KFSplit
150FSplit/ Extended bonnet
300FSplit/ Extended bonnet
JIS 10KFSplit
JIS 20KFSplit
150FSplit/ 3-way・2-seat✓*6
150FSplit /3-way・4-seat*6*6*6
JIS 10KFSplit/ 3-way・2-seat✓*6
JIS 10KFSplit/ 3-way・4-seat*6*6*6
JIS 10KFJacketed
JIS 10KRJacketed
150FSplit/ Tank ball
JIS 10KFSplit/ Tank ball
150FSplit/ PFA lined
JIS 10KFSplit/ PFA lined
JIS 10KFSplit
JIS 10KFSplit/ Gas service
JIS 20KFSplit/ Gas service
JIS 10KFSplit/ 3-way・4-seat
JIS 10KRSplit/ 3-way・4-seat
JIS 10KFSplit
JIS 10KFSplit/ 3-way・2-seat
JIS 10KRSplit/ 3-way・2-seat

CuNi10Fe1Mn1 (CC380H) Copper Nickel valves mechanical properties

Mechanical strength (EN 1982):


Tensile stress
Rm N/mm² minimum

Conventional elastic limit at 0,2%
Rp0,2 N/mm² minimum

A % minimum

Hardness Brinell

Continuous casting (GC)2801002570
Sand slinging (GS)2801202070
Die casting (GM)
Centrifuged (GZ)2801002570