Analytical Formulations

Using the basic laws of physics and hydraulics, we use analytical formulas, wherever applicable, for a basic design formulation. This helps us design the product from First Principles. Our team refers to the latest published papers and standards during the process.

3D & 2D Modelling

After these calculations, we create options through Solid Models via 2D and 3D design packages which:

  • Resolve physical conflicts and fine-tunes the product
  • Help us drive the cost savings opportunities
  • Enable new developments to be finalised with speed and detailing

The models are then validated by our manufacturing experts.

Finite Element Modelling & Analysis

  • The developed design is validated virtually using the latest design and analysis methodology – Finite Element Analysis (FEA).
  • Through FEA, the solid model is first meshed, applied with a suitable material model and subjected to appropriate boundary conditions and solved using Solid-WORKS & ANSYS
  • Graphical output helps compare the Stresses/Strains with material parameters.
  • This virtual validation is iterated until a product is designed and validated that can be manufactured.


  • Based on the virtual validation, manufacturing drawings are prepared.
  • Samples are made on our in-house CNC machines to the highest quality standards.

Final Testing

  • With our belief that “seeing is believing”, the manufactured product is then taken to our centralised state-of-the-art laboratory
  • A range of performance tests are conducted to validate performance parameters
  • The newly designed product is then offered to our clients