Cw617n Brass Ball Valve Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter in India

Mcneil Instruments is a renowned supplier based in Mumbai, offering a wide range of valves including the CZ122 Brass Solenoid Valve and bronze Cuzn40pb2 3 Way Valve. They specialize in manufacturing PN 25/40 CuZn40Pb2 Brass Valves and Cw617n float ball valves in India, providing competitive prices for Parker and Swagelok Cw617n Valves. The CW617n ball valve, known for its cold-working capabilities, adheres to quality standards like EN13828 and EN228-1. Available in sizes ranging from ½ inches to 2 inches, these valves feature a standard bore and are designed for up to 10000 cycles.

Operating temperature ranges from -10 degrees to 110 degrees, with 100% leak-proof systems. The CW617n brass valves can withstand pressures of PN30 or 500Psi, with the CW617n PN40 ball valve offering slightly higher pressure capacities. These valves operate by turning the ball to align the opening parallel to the pipeline, with applications spanning water, oil, and other non-corrosive liquids. Each valve consists of various components such as the body, bonnet, ball, handle, nut, stem, filter screen, and ball seat, constructed from materials like forged brass, aluminum, and steel. Mcneil Instruments ensures heavy-duty designs for higher pressure capacities, catering to industries such as petroleum, petrochemicals, and food and beverages.

CW617n Ball Valve specification

Mcneil Instruments stands out as a premier manufacturer of CW617N UNI EN 12165 brass alloy pressure relief valves in India. Our expertise extends to crafting JIS C3603 actuated ball valves, available in various configurations and sizes. Trust Mcneil Instruments for good quality products and comprehensive solutions in valve technology.

Manufacturer BrandOS-LOK
TypeFull Bore CW617N Brass Ball Valve N10111108FM, Forged CW617N Brass Ball Valve, Full Port Brass Ball Valve
Cw617n Brass Ball Valve Size Range1/2″~2″
BoreStandard bore
Application and uses
  • Oil
  • Heating and air conditioning systems
  • thermal power stations
  • Water, and other non-corrosive liquid
Working pressure (PSI)PN30 / 500Psi
Working temperature range-10 to 110°C
Working Durability10,000 cycles
Quality standardEN19 marking EN12266, EN228-1, EN13828, Certified according to directive 97/23 / CE PED
CW617n ball valve made in ItalyContact

Zona industriale Moie, 25050 Rodengo Saiano, (Brescia) ITALY

Cw617n UNI EN 12165 ball valve made in IndiaContact:

4/27, 25C Sonarika Apartment, Chandawadi, Nanubhai Desai Road, C P Tank, Mumbai -400004, Maharashtra, India.

End ConnectionNPT, BSP
Manufacturer of Cw617n Brass Ball Valve MaterialSpare PartMaterial
BodyForged brass, sandblasted and rough color
BonnetForged brass, sandblasted and rough color
BallForged brass, polished and chrome-plated
Filter ScreenStainless Steel
Ball seat PTFE
Cw617n Brass Ball Valve PackingInner boxes in cartons, loaded in pallets
Customized design acceptable
CZ122 Brass Ball  Valve Pressure Rating (CWP)
  • 1000 PSI / 69 Bar
  • 400 PSI / 27.6 Bar
  • 600 PSI / 41.4 Bar
CuZn40Pb2 Brass Ball Valve Pressure Rating (SWP)
  • 150 PSI / 10.3 Bar
  • 200 PSI / 13.8 Bar
Bronze cuzn40pb2 Brass Valve Pressure Rating (WWP)300 PSI / 20.7 Bar
Relevant materialCW614N, CW617N, HPb57-3, DZR, C37700, H59-1, Lead-free CW617 Brass Ball Valve Manufacturers
CZ122 Brass flanged valvesPN16, PN20, B16.24 ASA 150
Cw617n Brass Ball Valve End Connections
  • Press-to-connect Brass Filter Ball Valve
  • Threaded Removable Filter Brass Ball Valve
  • Solder Brass Ball Valves For Waters
  • Flanged Full Bore CW617N Brass Ball Valve manufacturers
  • Multiple handle options
  • Heavy-duty design for higher pressure
  • Press leak-detection feature
  • Press x press female end connections
  • Anti-blow-out stem structure
  • OEM production acceptable
  • 100% leakage test for each valve
  • Reinforced PTFE Seat Rings
  • Locking Lever
  • Locking handle or manual gear operator
  • Full port
  • Laser Welded
  • flanged end connections
  • Threaded end connections
Conforms to
  • MSS SP-110
  • MSS SP-145
  • NSF/ANSI-372
  • IAPMO/ANSI Z1157
  • ICC-ES PMG-1558
  • ASME A112.4.14
  • CSA B125.14
  • NACE MR0175
  • API-607 Fourth Edition Fire Safe
  • API-608 Anti-Static
Custom options available
  • Stainless Steel Ball Valve
  • Stainless Steel 316 Valves
  • Stainless Steel 304 Valves
  • SS 904L Ball Valves
  • Duplex Ball Valves
  • Super Duplex Valves
  • Inconel Valves
  • Inconel Ball Valves
  • Incoloy 800 Valves
  • Incoloy 825 Valves
  • Hastelloy C276 Ball Valves
  • Monel Valves
  • Monel Ball Valve
  • Brass Needle Valves
  • Brass Ball Valves
  • Titanium Ball Valves
  • 254 SMO Valves
  • Hydraulic Ball Valve
  • High Pressure Ball Valve
  • EN331 Ball Valve
  • 600 cwp Ball Valve
  • L Port Valve
  • 3 Way Ball Valve

CZ122 Brass Ball Valve material designation

Mcneil Instruments is a leading distributor and supplier of PN 16/30 full bore JIS C3651 flanged ball valves, 2.0402 Cuzn40pb2 mini ball valves, and threaded C3604 brass CW617N valves in India.

B11 CuZn40Pb2CW617NC37800C3603
4 MS Common Approach, Part B

Cw617n Brass Ball Valve chemical composition

B11**58,02,00,10,20,20,05Rem.≤ 0.2 %
B1358,02,00,30,20,30,05Rem.≤ 0.2 %

Fabrication Properties of Bronze cuzn40pb2 Cw617n Valve


Machinability (CuZn39Pb3 = 100 %)95 %
Cold Workability of Cw617n Brass Ball ValvePoor
Hot WorkabilityExcellent




Resistance Welding (Butt Weld)Fair
Soft SolderingExcellent
Hard SolderingFair
Gas Welding (Most Commonly Oxyacetylene)Not Recommended
Inert Gas Shielded Arc WeldingNot Recommended

Types of JIS C3651 Cw617n Brass Valve

Cw602n Uni En12165 Pn25 600wog Brass Ball Valve For Drinking Water
Cw617n Uni En12165 Pn25 600wog Long Neck Brass Ball Valve
Cw617n Uni En12165 Pn25 600wog Y Fxf Long Neck Brass Ball Valve
Cc491k Uni En1982 Pn25 600wog Long Neck Bronze Ball Valve
Pn16 600wog Brass Ball Valve Full Way Fxf Double Neck Cw617n Uni En12165
Fxf Blow-Out Proof Stem Brass Ball Valve Pn16 Cw617n Uni En12165
Pn25 600wog Brass Ball Valve Pn25 Blow-Out Proof Stem Cw617n Uni En12165
Pn40 600wog Bronze Ball Valve Blow-Out Proof Stem Cc491k Uni En1982
Pn64 800wog Bronze Ball Valve Blow-Out Proof Stem Cc491k Uni En1982
Cw617n Uni En12165 Brass Ball Valve Pn20
Cw617n Uni En12165 Brass Ball Valve Pn20 Blow-Out Proof Stem
Cw617n Uni En12165 Pn25 600wog Brass Ball Valve Blow-Out Proof Stem With Pipe Union
Cw617n Uni En12165 Pn25 600wog Brass Ball Valve Pn25 Three Way Screwed Ends
Cw617n Uni En12165 Brass Ball Bibcock Pn10 M With Hose Joints
Brass -Cw617n Uni En12165 Ball Valve Pn16 For Draining Boiler
Brass-Cw617n Uni En12165 Hot Pressed Mini Ball Valve Pn16
Brass Cw614n Uni En12164 Mini Ball Valve Pn16
Dzr Brass Cw602n Uni En12165 Ball Valve Pn16 Full Way Short Neck Press Fitting Ends

Buy directly from Cw617n Brass Ball Valve manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters in India, wide configuration and sizes available under our brand OS-LOK

½” CZ122 Brass ball valve 1000 wogJIS C3651 Bronze cuzn40pb2 Ball Valve, 150PSI,WOG
2″ NB Cw617n UNI EN 12165 Flush Bottom Ball ValveBrass alloy cw617n 3 Way Ball Valve
CuZn40Pb2 Brass Full Bore Three Piece Ball ValveG1/2″ 2.0402 cuzn40pb2 C3604 Brass manual ball valve
JIS C3651 Bronze cuzn40pb2 1000 Psi Ball ValveDIN 2.0402 Brass actuator type ball valve
Brass alloy cw617n Floating ball valveC3603 Brass ball valve rf flange
15mm 1 piece 2.0402 cuzn40pb2 C3604 Brass ball valveCZ122 Brass ball valve jis 10k
DIN 2.0402 Brass 1″ Ball Valve flange typeCw617n UNI EN 12165 25NB Ball valve
C3603 Brass ball valve flange endCuZn40Pb2 Brass Pneumatically operated Ball valve
1/4″ CZ122 Brass Ball vlave panel mountedJIS C3651 Bronze cuzn40pb2 Ball Valve for Compressed Air Connection
Cw617n UNI EN 12165 Jacketed ball ValveFlanged High Performance Brass alloy cw617n Ball Valves
1/2″ NPT CuZn40Pb2 Brass Ball Valve2.0402 cuzn40pb2 C3604 Brass Flanged Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves
¼” NPT 3000# JIS C3651 Bronze cuzn40pb2 Ball ValveThreaded or Welded DIN 2.0402 Brass Ball Valves
2½” 600# Brass alloy cw617n Manual Operated Ball valveClass 150/300 C3603 Brass Three Way Ball Valve with Pneumatic Actuator
3/8″ F BSP 2.0402 cuzn40pb2 C3604 Brass Heavy duty Ball valveCZ122 Brass mss sp-110 ball valve
8’’ x 300# RF DIN 2.0402 Brass Ball valve1/2 inches C3603 Brass BSP Ball valve
Cw617n UNI EN 12165 True union ball valve1″ CZ122 Brass Ball Valve threading type No 10

Physical properties of Brass Alloy Cw617n Pn30 Ball Valve

[MS/M][% IACS](0 – 300 OC)

Cw617n Brass Ball Valve Bore sizes

Mcneil Instruments, the manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Cw617n UNI EN 12165 brass ball valve in India, has developed a unique product tailored specifically for the Italian market.

Full Bore1520253240506580100
Standard Bore13.51823303747627595
Reduced Bore101520253240506580

PN25 600WOG CW617N UNI EN12165 Brass Ball Valve dimensions

CuZn40Pb2 Brass Cw617n Ball Valve Pn 40 heat treatment

100% leakage Cw617n Valves manufacturers in Mumbai, India

Melting Range870 – 900 oC
Hot Working630 – 780 oC
Soft Annealing420 – 580 oC
Duration: 1 – 3 h
Thermal Stress Relieving160 – 280 oC
Duration: 1 – 3 h

C3603 Brass Cw617n Pn50 Flanged Ball Valves

Pressure-temperature ratings, Body: Resilient sealing partsASME B16.34BS 5351
Shell wall thicknessASME B16.34BS 5351
Face-to-face dimensionsASME B16.10BS 2080
End flange dimensions and flange gasket facingASME B16.5BS 1560
Pressure testAPI 598 or API 6DBS 6755 Part 1
Fire testAPI 607 and API 6FABS 6755 Part 2

2.0402 Brass Cw617n Solenoid Valve design & type

Type TBJacketed, Type TR
Type TDZDirect mouting to tank bottom
3-way 2-seat, L-port, Type TB3-way 4-seat, L-port, Type TB
Extended bonnet Type TDZJacketed, Type TB
Type TRPFA lined, Type TB
Pocketless, Type TBType TA
3-way 2-seat, T-port, Type TB3-way 4-seat, T-port, Type TB

2.0402 cuzn40pb2 Cw617n 3 Way Valve Size range

INCH½”¾1″1 ¼”1 ½”2″1 2/2″3″4″5″6″8″10″12″
CLASSBOREBODY DESIGNMM1520253240506580100125150200250300
JIS 10KFSplit
JIS 20KFSplit
150FSplit/ Extended bonnet
300FSplit/ Extended bonnet
JIS 10KFSplit
JIS 20KFSplit
150FSplit/ 3-way・2-seat✓*6
150FSplit /3-way・4-seat*6*6*6
JIS 10KFSplit/ 3-way・2-seat✓*6
JIS 10KFSplit/ 3-way・4-seat*6*6*6
JIS 10KFJacketed
JIS 10KRJacketed
150FSplit/ Tank ball
JIS 10KFSplit/ Tank ball
150FSplit/ PFA lined
JIS 10KFSplit/ PFA lined
JIS 10KFSplit
JIS 10KFSplit/ Gas service
JIS 20KFSplit/ Gas service
JIS 10KFSplit/ 3-way・4-seat
JIS 10KRSplit/ 3-way・4-seat
JIS 10KFSplit
JIS 10KFSplit/ 3-way・2-seat
JIS 10KRSplit/ 3-way・2-seat

C3604 Brass Cw617n Pn40 Valve dimensions

C3604 Brass Cw617n Pn40 Valve dimensions



AVAILABLE SIZES:10mm to 50mm