304 Stainless Steel 3 Way and ASTM A351 CF8M 316 Hydraulic Manifold Valve Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter in Mumbai, India

Mcneil Instruments, renowned for its good quality products, offers a versatile Stainless Steel Valve Manifold suitable for a myriad of applications. From compact mobile machinery to heavy-duty industrial complexes, the Double Block and Bleed Manifold serves as a reliable solution. Enhancing fluid power system alignment, the 5 Way Manifold Valve from Mcneil Instruments significantly boosts operational efficiency. Additionally, the incorporation of a Pneumatic Manifold Block aids in curbing energy expenditure. Notably, Mcneil Instruments’ D03 Manifold stands out for its enhanced energy efficiency, facilitated by shorter flow paths that minimize pressure drop and heat generation. Many leading instrumentation manifold manufacturers in India, including Mcneil Instruments, opt for cold-rolled external stem threads for their 316 stainless steel 3-Valve/5-Valve Manifold products.

Due to its simplified yet compact design, the Hydraulic Valve Manifold from Mcneil Instruments offers reduced installation costs and fluid connection requirements. The small and compact size of Mcneil Instruments’ 2 Way Manifold Valve, equipped with cartridge valves, is specifically tailored to fit into confined spaces efficiently. Additionally, utilizing the Instrument Manifold from Mcneil Instruments enhances the overall layout. Furthermore, employing the 3 Way Manifold Valve from Mcneil Instruments proves to be a more streamlined method for connecting hoses and fluid pipes, effectively reducing oil leaks and maintenance costs. For more information on Mcneil Instruments’ Manifold Valve Price, please click here.

Stainless Steel Valve Manifold sizes
  • Size: 1/2″ to 4″ (DN25-DN200)
  • Thread: NPT PT BSPP G
  • Connection : Welded, Socket, Clamped, Flanged, Threaded
  • Pressure Class: PN10/ 16

Stainless Steel Hydraulic Valve Manifold Specification

Duplex S31803 Instrumentation Manifolds available in 2, 3 and 5 valve configurations

MediaOil, Gas & Water
Temperature of MediaMedium Temperature
Operation WayManual, Electric actuator, Pneumatic
Size Range1/8 to 1”, Custom Sizes available
DesignIntegral Bonnet Design, Forged Body with Inline/Straight or Angle Pattern
Standard3A/ ISO/ DIN/ SMS / ASTM / JIS
Manufacturer Brand NameOS-LOK
Packaging DetailsPVC package, wooden case or as per customer’s requirement.
Leakage rate
  • Soft Seal: zero leakage, 100% Leak test
  • Hard Seal ≤ Rated Flow 10-5
Working pressureUp to 6000 PSIG

  • Stainless Steel Manifold Valves: up to 6000 psig (414 bar)
  • Steel Manifold Valves: up to 3000psig (207 bar)
  • Brass Manifold Valves: up to 3000 psig (207 bar)

Manifold Valves are also available in higher pressure

Seal ring materialPPL, PTFE, PPL Soft Graphite
Manufacturing ProcessForged bar stock
OEM serviceYes
  • Thread End
  • Weld End
  • Tube End
  • Single Ferrule
  • Two Ferrule (Double Ferrule)
  • Twin Ferrule
End Connection
  • Male and Female NPT
  • BSPT
  • Socket Weld (SW)
  • Dual Ferrule Tube Connections
  • Male to Female
  • Female to Female valves manufacturers
Temperature Range
  • PTFE Packing: -65 °F to 450 °F ( -54 °C to 232 °C)
  • PTFE 450F,(232C)/ Grafoil 700 F(371C)
  • PEEK Packing: -65 °F to 600 °F ( -54 °C to 315 °C)
Manufacturer of various Thread Type
  • BSPP
  • C.61 4-Bolt Flange
  • C.61 Combo 4B + Split
  • C.61 Split Flange
  • C.62 4-Bolt Flange
  • C.62 Combo 4B + Split
  • C.62 Split Flange
  • ISO 6149
  • NPT
  • SAE
Manifold Valves Material (MOC)SS 316, SS 304, C.S, F11, Duplex, Super Duplex, Hastelloy, Monel 400
  • 2-Way
  • 3-Way
  • 4-Way
  • 5-Way manifolds manufacturer
  • Diverter
  • Normally Closed
  • Normally Open
Flow Rate.93, 2.34, 6.42, .70, 1.04, 3.62,.87 Cv
Flow PatternStraight/ Angle
Applicable Standard
  • Design & Manufacture : BS 1868
  • Face to Face according to : ASME B16.10
  • Flange Dimensions as per: ASME B16.5
  • Pressure & Temperature : ASME B16.34
  • Test & Inspection accordance to : API 6D / API 598
  • Visual Inspection accordance to : MSS SP-55
  • Marking accordance to : MSS SP-25
  • IGC “E” practice
  • 3.1 NACE Certified
  • MSS SP-110
  • API-598
  • ANSI B1.20.1
  • ANSI B16.11
  • ANSI B16.34
  • API 607 Fire Safe
Stocking distributor of
  • Yokogawa manifolds
  • Rosemount manifold
  • Swagelok
  • Parker
  • DK LOK
  • Hamlet Letlok
Uses & application
  • Dairy
  • Food & Beverages
  • Pharmacy
  • Cosmetic
  • Chemical Industry and many more.
PortMumbai, India
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Numerous stakeholders, suppliers, exporters, importers, dealers, and distributors procure manifold valves from McNeil Instruments and distribute them in their respective countries with increased profitability. For the best pricing in India, reach out to McNeil Instruments directly to inquire about their price list.

Manifolds Equivalent Material

304S30400A182 F304A276 or A479 304A351 CF8
304LS30403A182 F304LA276 or A479 304LA351 CF3
316S31600A182 F316A276 or A479 316A351 CF8M
316LS31603A182 F316LA276 or A479 316LA351 CF3M
317LS31703A182 F317LA276 or A479 317LA351 CG8M
321S32100A182 F321A276 or A479 321
347S34700A182 F347A276 or A479 347A351 CF8C
17-4PHS17400A564 630
Alloy 400N04400B564 N04400B164 N04400A494 M35-1
Alloy K500N05500B865 N05500
Alloy 800N08800B564 N08810B408 N08800
Alloy 825N08825B425 N08825
Alloy 600N06600B564 N06600B166 N06600A494 CY40
Alloy 625N06625B564 N06625B446 N06625A494 CW 6MC
Alloy B2N10665B564 N10665B335 N10665A494 N 12MV
Alloy CN10002A494 CW6M
Alloy C22N06022B574 N06022B574 N06022A494 CX2MW
Alloy C276N10276B564 N10276B574 N10276A494 CW12 MW
22% DuplexS31803A182 F51A276 or A479 S31803A890 Gr 4A
25% DuplexS32750 or 32760A182 F53A276 or A479 S32750 or 60A890 Gr 6A
254SMOS31254A182 F44A182 F44A351 CK3MCuN
904LN08904B625 N08904B649 N08904
TitaniumR50400B381 F2B348 Gr 2B367 C2
High Yield SteelK03014A694 F60A694 F60
3 1/2 Nickel SteelK32025A350 LF3A350 LF3A352 LC3
5 Chrome, 1/2 MolyK41545A182 F5A182 F5A217 C5
1 1/4 Chrome, 1/2 MolyK11597A182 F11A182 F11A217 WC6
2 1/4 Chrome, 1 MolyK21590A182 F22A182 F22A217 WC9
9 Chrome, 1 MolyK90941A182 F9A182 F9A217 WC6
13 ChromeS41000A182 F6AA276 or A479 410A351 CA15

Stainless Steel Double Block and Bleed Valve grades

Manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of 5 Valve Manifold & CF8M Stainless Steel Pneumatic Manifold Block up to 6000 psig as per NACE MR 0175

304S30400A182 F304A351 CF8A276 or A479 304
304LS30403A182 F304LA351 CF3A276 or A479 304L
316S31600A182 F316A351 CF8MA276 or A479 316
316LS31603A182 F316LA351 CF3MA276 or A479 316L
317LS31703A182 F317LA351 CG8MA276 or A479 317L
321S32100A182 F321A276 or A479 321
347S34700A182 F347A351 CF8CA276 or A479 347
17-4PHS17400A564 630
22% Duplex Stainless SteelS31803A182 F51A890 Gr 4AA276 or A479 S31803
25% DuplexS32750 or 32760A182 F53A890 Gr 6AA276 or A479 S32750 or 60
254SMOS31254A182 F44A351 CK3MCuNA182 F44
904LN08904B625 N08904B649 N08904

Choose Mcneil Instruments for your Stainless Steel Manifold Valve needs in India. Our valves are manufactured and exported with precision and built to last, ensuring optimal performance in every application. Don’t compromise on quality trust Mcneil Instruments for reliable and efficient manifold valves. Contact us today to learn more or to place your order and experience the difference in quality and service.