Pipe and pipe fittings are the lifelines of any processing plant. Ask pipe fittings manufacturers and this entity will vouch for the summation. Whether it is a pilot, mini or giant chemical, petrochemical or oil and gas infrastructure, each one carries hundreds of fittings such as couplings, plug & union, cap, female branch tee, female elbow, female run tee and male run tee.

These accessories encounter intense external and internal threats in the form of high temperatures, perpetual pressure, and remaining neutral even in corrosive ambience. All this is a perfect breeding ground for accidents in case any component malfunctions. And therefore plant design engineers opt for pipe fittings suppliers with impeccable repute and experience.

Mcneil Instruments is one of the pioneers in this domain, and the pulse of this industry. It also happens to be the popular choice of most project development in charge. Its pipe fittings perform well, even under extreme duress which in turn keeps the plant running at peak efficiency and without any mishaps. Mcneil Instruments, one of the best pipe fittings suppliers manufactures products which are synonymous with the following attributes.

  • Leak-proof and superlative seals which can withstand immense torque thereby preventing leaks and escape of volatile and corrosive gases.
  • Pipes which boast uniform wall thickness and made from high grade alloys / metals. These pipes can withstand intense internal and external pressure, corrosive chemicals, toxic liquid polymers and heat. These are some of the essential raw materials or by products of a processing plant.
  • Processing plants also utilize several hydraulic accessories such as valves and gates. These accessories are continuously under tremendous pressure. Most of the time, they also need to address highly corrosive nature of the batch ingredients / end product. And therefore they are treated with hot dip galvanizing, epoxy layering etc.  

Mcneil Instruments adheres to these standards which has made it one of the top pipe fittings exporters. Its products confirm to various benchmarks including HP-0 approval by TUV.  The quality approval is not just limited to the said agency.

Trusted pipe fittings suppliers such as Mcneil Instruments are known for their irrefutable quality. An ISO 9001: 2008 certified manufacturer, it provides instrumentation and process pipe fittings that are crack & rupture proof while its seals have excellent resistance to pressure and caustic environment which results in zero gas and chemical leaks. Get in touch today and build a plant that outlasts even the most challenging timeline.