Instrumentation pipe fittings are typically used to connect pipes of variable or same size and also for assorted functions like managing the flow, diversion and blocking. These fittings are generally classified based on their purpose or function.  Some of the common types of pipe fittings include Coupling, Plug & Union, Cap, Female Branch Tee, Female Elbow, Female Run Tee and Male Run Tee. As mentioned above, they are exploited to measure, restrict or regulate the flow of liquids / gases in tandem with other pipe fittings such as valves.

Some of the distinct functions of instrumentation pipe fittings include –

  1. To bifurcate or change the direction of the flow of raw material or liquid / gaseous end product.
  2. Prevent further streaming by installing a cap.
  3. Manage flow consistency through variable pipe sizes or pipe fittings.
  4. Creating fork / split in the flow through Tee and Elbow.

Interestingly, these fittings are used in plants and control rooms which are exposed to harsh conditions and therefore made from special materials such as high grade stainless steel, carbon steel, nickel, metal alloys, copper and brass.

There are few manufacturers who offer a complete range of instrumentation pipe fittings and that too with consistent quality. Mcneil, a trusted instrumentation pipe fittings exporter is one such entity. Some of the salient features of its products are –

  • Designed and manufactured from high quality materials which adhere to grade and class specifications.
  • Impeccable and consistent dimensional adherence. It simply means no ruptures even under extreme pressure.
  • Instrumentation pipe fittings which are highly resistant to corrosion and natural elements.
  • Fittings that withstand physical wear and tear ensuring stable and consistent performance.
  • Build as per international / local standards. For project managers getting approvals from concerned board / authorities is an absolutely smooth affair.

Mcneil’s instrumentation fittings are a joy to work with as each and every component fits snugly, with minimum torque or pressure. Because of this ease of use projects are completed before the deadline saving enormous resources.

Mcneil, tagged best instrumentation pipe fittings manufacturer in Mumbai also uses state of the art machinery to make instrumentation pipes and fittings, exploiting raw materials purchased from reputed manufacturers who follow strict design and manufacturing nomenclature themselves. The company also offers custom design services which are produced with the same set of values and standards making it a leading instrumentation pipe fittings supplier in India.