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Every process setup is created using different kinds of machinery, equipment, and devices. One such element used in a process setup is ‘Valves’. Valves are a fundamental component in all process setups and there can be no flow system setup without them.


A valve is a mechanical device that regulates, controls, or directs the flow of liquid, gases, fluidized solids, or slurries in a piping system. It helps in controlling the flow by opening, blocking, or partially obstructing passageways. Industrial valves are used to handle high-pressure and are designed to last in harsh environments. The main function of industrial valves is to control, isolate, or divert the flow of liquids, and gases through pipes.

There are different kinds of valves with different physical properties, structures, and applications. Let us see some commonly used valves across all process industries.


Ball valves are flow control devices with rotating, perforated, hollow balls that regulate the flow of fluid through pipes. Ball valves are generally suitable for low-flow applications and are widely used to throttle gases and vapors in hydrocarbon processing systems. It needs only a quarter turn to turn on/off the flow. The process engineering needs generally define the size of the ball valve required to regulate the flow.


Check valves are two-port industrial devices with two openings, one for fluid to flow into and the other for fluid to flow out. They rely on internal pressure for opening and closing, rather than outside action. The main function of a check valve is to prevent backflow; hence it is also called a non-return valve. Check valves are mostly applied in compressed air and gas systems and vacuum pumps. The check valves manufactured by McNeil Instruments help in reducing head loss of water. Know more now.


Gate valves are valves with discs that are gate or wedge-shaped and have a linear movement. This allows easy and effective shut-off/on mechanism. It removes barriers from the liquid’s path of travel. Therefore, it is used to either entirely start the flow or completely stop the flow of fluid. It can be used in bi-directional flow and where a minimum restriction is required. Few industries where gate valves are commonly used are Oil and Gas, manufacturing, automotive, and pharmaceuticals.


A needle valve is a valve with a small port and a threaded needle-shaped plunger. Needle valves are often used in flow-metering applications, especially where a constant, low-flow rate is required for a long period, such as idle fuel flow in a carburettor.

Looking for a manual or motorized needle valve? McNeil Instruments are the most trustworthy manufacturer of high-quality industrial tools and devices and provide a wide range of valves. Need industrial equipment, parts, or services? Submit a request and get quick quotes.

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Flared Fittings - Mcneil Instruments Inc.



Flare fittings are a type of compression fittings used with metal tubing, where the end of the tube is flared, i.e., expanded and deformed and a nut is used to connect the end with the fitting, creating pressure while securing it and making it leak resistant. Flare fittings are usually used with soft metals such as soft steel, aluminium and soft copper. Because of their long-term reliability, flared fittings are used across industries for critical connections and as a solution to reach non accessible areas. McNeil Instruments offers a variety of flared fittings that can be used for varied purposes.


  • Construction and Ship building industries

Flared connector fittings are widely used in ship building and construction industries for different functions such as welding, piping, fabrication and other such applications. McNeil Instruments is a large manufacturer and supplier of Male and Female Connectors and supplies high quality connectors with advanced properties and characteristics

  • Airconditioning and electrical industries

Adjustable Branch Tee fittings are used commonly in electrical and air conditioning industries. The Swivel Adjustable Branch Tee fittings manufactured by McNeil Instruments are made of fine ore and are extensively used to perform various connecting functions across various processes in electrical industries.

  • Chemical and Fertilizer industries

Union Elbow flared fittings are highly used in chemical and fertilizer industries as they offer metal-to-metal seal and a high mechanical pull power. The Flare Union Elbow fittings manufactured by McNeil Industries are put through various mechanical and flaring tests and also undergo chemical analysis, thus ensuring highly efficient quality.

  • Aerospace and military applications

Flared fittings are often used in thin to medium wall tubing and are best to be used in military equipment and heavy machinery. Different kinds of flared fittings are used in the aerospace and military applications within piping or tubing as a means to connect pieces as well as seal and regulate flow. McNeil Instruments are one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of Flared fittings and offer a wide range of flared fittings that can be used in heavy machinery and equipment.

  • Hydraulic system applications

Flared fittings are widely used in high pressure hydraulic system applications in oil and gas industry, agriculture, construction and equipment manufacturing industry. McNeil Instruments manufactures best quality Flared fittings that undergo various tests and checks and also offers customized size and specifications.

With their wide application across various industries, flared fittings are one of the most important tools used in piping and tubing. Their application ensures optimum sealing and leak-free process. This makes it important to use high quality, pre-tested fittings. McNeil Instruments is one of the largest manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in India, offering a wide range of fittings that undergo various tests such as pressure test, mechanical test, chemical analysis and many more and are available in various configurations.

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Tube Fittings - Mcneil Instruments Inc.


What Are Tube Fittings?

Tube fittings are thin-walled fittings that connect instruments to a tube or two tubes together. In simple words, tube fittings help in joining two tubes together and connecting tube ends to the equipment such as pressure instruments. They are generally used in small-diameter applications. There are various kinds of tube fittings to be used for different purposes. They need to be reliable, offering sealing in systems in varied conditions such as temperature variations, high pressure, and vibration. McNeil Instruments is one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers of tube fittings in India.

Advantages of Tube Fittings

  • Easy to use

Tube fittings are easy to use as they need no flaring or threading. They can be installed using standard tools and wrenches.

  • Vibration resistance

Tube fittings provide resistance against bending, vibrations, and deflection, and hence can be used in machinery where the process involves high vibration. McNeil Instruments manufactures highly reliable tube fittings that are designed to provide greater grip and contact support, enabling uninterrupted flow within the system.

  • Leak resistance

Tube fittings are designed to provide leak-free connections as they give a mechanical metal-to-metal seal. McNeil Instruments tube fittings are leak proof with a lifelong warranty and thus are most trusted in all kinds of industrial applications.

Disadvantages of Tube Fittings

  • Not suitable for large diameter connections

Though Tube fittings are known to be very efficient for connecting tubes and instruments, they can be used with small-diameter connections and may not be the right option for larger ones.

  • Large-size tube fittings require special tools

When tube fittings are to be used for large-sized tubes, special tools are required to bend and tighten the tube fittings.

Getting the Right Tube Fittings

Tube fittings are a very crucial part of most process systems. Therefore, choosing the right ones is important to ensure smooth and leak-free flow through tubes. McNeil Instruments has a wide range of tube fittings to cater to all your tubing and connection requirements. Search for your tube fittings here with India’s most reliable manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of tube fittings.

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