3 way ball valve

A 3-way ball valve has three openings/closings directly connected to the pipes or tubes. These valves are considered the most popular and economical valves. These valves are commonly used for various purposes. These 3-way ball valves are efficient for multiple uses. 

A 3 -way ball valve is considered the most important industrial application. These ball valves are commonly used to cut off or shut off the flow. These valves are widely used for generating multiple flows at the same time. These valves are designed in such a way that they can easily change the direction of the flow. 

Key properties:

A 3 -way ball valve is made of high-quality raw material that provides excellent protection from various chemical and physical reactions. It also offers excellent high workability. A 3-way ball valve is commonly applicable in different industries, which depends on the application's working. These valves are widely used to mix various chemicals; they can also dilute multiple fluids, etc. 

Types of 3-way ball valves:

There are two types of ball valves. 

  1. L-port: L-port allows the flow to pass in one direction. It generally occurs when the valve rotates 90° counterclockwise. After that, the valve diverts the flow to its right side. 
  2. T-port: These valves are highly recommended for mixing purposes. These valves are known for merging two inlets into a single outlet. 

A 3-way ball valve provides excellent resistance from various types of chemical reactions. It provides excellent resistance from corrosion, crevice corrosion, and stress cracking. 


  • Chemicals industry
  • Fats and fertilizer industry
  • Ship building
  • Construction industry
Ball Valve

Manual & Automated 3-Way Ball Valves

ManualElectric ActuatedPneumatic Actuated
Handle options include:
  • Lever Handle
  • Latching, Lockable Lever Handle
  • Oval Handle
  • Wing Handle
Compact, Fast-Acting Configurations Available

Fold-Out Manual Override Available
Styles Include:
  • Double-Acting (with/without Failsafe)
  • Spring-Return
  • Solenoid Valve Add-Ons Available
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